Digital citizenship examples through IB learner profile

When I accepted the challenge of become the Junior Library librarian I never imagine what was going to be these about. I had in my mind the image of the old librarian that knew everything about books and collections that had in their library (What I think it’s an amazing thing -something not easy to be-come).

Being the teacher-librarian is extremely different of what I thought. We have to teach our students not only about how to us
e and treat a book, parts of the book, how to read and understand an index and glossary or how to take information from a book – encyclopedia – dictionary, etc. Now a days, we have to explain and teach our students how to be responsible citizens.

This concept is not something new, it involves things and actions that we usually do when we work with electronic and digital devises. On the other hand I realize that is easier for them to understand this concept and its agreements through the IB learner profile.

Inquirers We develop skills for inquiry and research in websites. We know how to take information and learn independently.
Knowledgeable We will share our knowledge and discoveries with others in a respectful manner.
Thinkers We will think before we post something, we have to be sure what we post is relevant.
Communicators We can express our ideas and communicate and collaborate with people all over the world. We know that we have to use language in a good way and write in the web in the correct way (for example: using capital letters only when is required).
Principled We will respect others rights and requesting permission of any individual document before taking or using them and citing the source of information.
Open minded We will share your own opinion, being able to accept a diverse point of view or ideas.
Caring We are respectful with others works, also with the electronic devises of our school and with others turns. We will treat each other the way we like to be treated.
Risk takers We can explore new topics and innovative in digital tools and strategies (Students can create posts, sites, use different sources and applications).
Balanced We will be able to share and explain our points of views, knowing that not everyone will agree with us, and we also have to be respectful with others.
Reflective We will be able to make conclusions based on what we had read and also identify what information is useful and important for sharing.

If you are agree or you think I have to add something, let me now!  You can contact me on twitter: @barbarasiebert


Figure 1: Form 2 student reading from a Kindle


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