Our first approach to video chatting

Today it was our first connected classrooms activities, and for developing this activity we use Skype for chatting a Forms4 from Egmond (Alberta) – Canada with a group of Forms4 from Concepción – Chile. The action plan for this new experience was based in the Unit of Inquiry: Sharing our planet. We explain them before this sesion started the goals we want to achieve: about different ways that they save our planet, if they have a recycle culture at their houses, at their school, etc.

At the beginning he had some difficulties with Internet but finally we sort it out and we had a great time chatting both classes. I think that we never imagine that we were going to talk about so many topics that the own students started to asked to each other.

It is important to mention that our students go to a english school but their native language is spanish, so it was great for me to see them communicate in such a way with the other students!

After more than 30 minutes of chatting, we started to closed the differents topics that they talked and asked about, for example: weather, uniforms, education, culture, sports, time changes, etc.

After this skype experience, I asked each one of my students to write what they felt about this experience. Some of their answers were amazing!

Check our photos and you will see some of the answers!

If you want more information contact me on twitter: @barbarasiebert



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2 comentarios en “Our first approach to video chatting

  1. Barbara, it was so great to meet you and your amazing students today! My students absolutely loved it and couldn’t stop talking about making new friends. It was a thrill to be part of their excitement. Gracias!

    Me gusta

    1. I am very glad to read your post! My students were also very happy with this new experience and having new friends in Canada. I just wrote to their form teacher informing your good comments in this activity. I hope they can connect being pen-pals!

      Me gusta


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