Junior library & Dewey code

After understanding how a library is organized by Dewey code, I started thinking how to make this system easy to understand to our students and teachers, and this is how we manage to do it:


Figure 1: Junior Library Dewey code chart

This chart explains our audience that the colours they find in the shelves it have a reason why.

Although a lot of libraries organized themselves by this only system, in Saint John’s Junior Library we organized not necessarily only by dewey, we organize it by sub-groups of topics, for example:

In the category 500 you will find different sub-groups:

General zoology, pet and farm animals, mammals, astronomy, mathematics, weather, plants, insects, reptiles and amphibians, birds, chilean plants and animals, science, earth and habitat.

How do you organize you’re library? I will be happy to know you’re opinion!


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